You passed this Milestone 20 questions were answered correctly. 2 questions were answered incorrectly. 1 Which of the following core concerns describes a person’s sense of membership in a group?  Appreciation  Affiliation  Status  Autonomy CONCEPT Core Concerns: Affiliation 2 Susan woke up late one morning. While she was getting ready, the following thoughts ran through her head: I was planning on making pancakes for breakfast today since I have that meeting through lunch, and I'll be starving by the time that meeting ends if I just have cereal or toast . I don't think I have enough time to make pancakes now, though, unless I rush through getting ready, but I want to look nice since the big boss will be at the meeting. I guess I could just go through a drive-thru on my way to work. I normally don't like to spend the extra money, but I could get something filling and a cup of that fancy coffee I like. That would be a nice treat to help make up for sleeping late and being nervous about sitting in a meeting with the boss. Which of the following was Susan doing as she was getting ready?  Identifying a rule of thumb  Completing a cost/benefit analysis  Completing a risk of loss analysis  Experiencing cognitive dissonance CONCEPT Rational Factors in Decision Making 3 Which of the following statements accurately describes the relationship between attribution bias and trust?  People who are prejudiced by attribution bias tend not to trust anyone.  Parties in a conflict use attribution bias to damage each other's credibility.  People with attribution bias tend to trust members of their own groups and those with similar histories.  Attribution bias helps a conflict intervener build trust between parties. CONCEPT Trust, Credibility, and Authority 4 What is one way a person can resolve cognitive dissonance?  Integrating the multiple beliefs  Accepting that he or she lost the argument  Ignoring the conflict between beliefs  Rejecting all ideas as false CONCEPT Cognitive Dissonance and Conflict 5 Ari spent five years divorcing his wife, declaring bankruptcy, and alienating many of his friends. Now 45 years old, his goal was to get his life back together. He got a good job, built up some savings, began rebuilding his credit, and developed a good working relationship with his ex-wife. One morning he said to himself, "I'm doing well. No one thinks I'm a loser now. But most of my old friends only knew me as half of a couple. I need people in my life that like the person I am now. I have to start going out, meeting people, and making a new set of friends.” By searching for a group of friends, Ari is attempting to satisfy which of the following categories of needs in Maslow's hierarchy?  Self-actualization  Love/belonging  Physiological  Safety CONCEPT Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs

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