GOVT 404 QUIZ 2 fall 2019 with all/ work at no cost if Bonnie will supply the drywall materials. Bonnie calls Drywall Solutions, which had offered to do the work for $3,000, and tells them not to come. Angus subsequently refuses to do the work. Bonnie has to pay a third drywall contractor $4,000 to complete the job. What argument should Bonnie make to recover from Angus? Selected Answer: That Bonnie relied on Angus’s promise to her detriment.  Question 4 5 out of 5 points True or false: An agreement modifying a contract governed by the UCC does not require any consideration to be binding, but must be made in good faith. Selected Answer: Tru e  Question 5 5 out of 5 points Bookstore, Inc., an independent bookstore, is looking for a new location. It agrees to buy a small house from Jones for $165,000 if the municipal zoning board will approve Bookstore, Inc.’s request for a variance from the local zoning ordinance, which currently only allows houses in this part of town to be used as residences. The contract between Bookstore, Inc. and Jones is Selected Answer: Enforceable, because Bookstore, Inc. has made an enforceable conditional promise.  Question 6

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