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Tips to sell

Here are some hints to sell more than others. If you are here, it means that you are interested in selling study notes, summaries test banks, ATI, NCLEX, HESI and many other categories


Tips for sellers

As a Passing Grades seller, you will run your own personal ‘knowledge store’. You will probably need to undertake some promotional work in order to attract your first visitors. You may even have ideas of your own on how to get students and professionals to download your document(s). Nevertheless, it is always wise to have some handy tools at hand to help boost your sales.


Share in study related Facebook groups

By far the best tip we can give is to share your documents, flashcards and bundles in study related Facebook groups. The best time to post your study guides in these groups, is a week prior to exams. If you do this, there’s a great chance that the money will start to roll in. Joylene: “I write the study guides together with a girl in my class. We’re given so much literature to read, that it’s almost impossible to study and summarize everything on your own. We promote these notes on Facebook groups for our studies, and this way we are able to sell approximately 200 copies.”

Make your ads as comprehensive as possible (Google love that)

Lots of students and professionals find Passing Grades through Google. It’s imperative therefore to share as much information about your documents, flashcards and bundles as you possibly can. The title of the book, the ISBN number, the name of the professor or teacher, a description of your study materials: it all helps in giving your summary a boost in Google’s search results!


Smart sellers put themselves in the shoes of potential buyers and think about the possible search terms that could be used to find a summary. By including these search terms in your description, you will ensure that your documents are found and sold a lot quicker.

Keep Passing Grades in mind when you write a summary

When you would write a study guide for just yourself, it would probably be somewhat sloppier than if you were to write it for someone else. Make sure you spend enough time on your summaries so they are optimized for selling. Pay extra attention to the grammar, keep the contents coherent and ensure that it is well structured.
Ensure your ads are accurate


If you didn’t feel like summarizing chapter 6 or Instagram had your undivided attention, it’s okay as long as you mention it honestly. Buyers will notice instantly if the description of your summary isn’t correct. This will result automatically in poor reviews and a bad reputation, which will obviously have a detrimental effect on your sales. Being concise and correct will give potential buyers more reason to buy your documents.

Make flashcards for your summaries

Reading a study guide is one thing, but absorbing the material is something else entirely. To revise your notes and the subject matter, it is smart to create flashcards. Flashcards are question and answer cards with which you can revise the subject matter. Be creative and think of relevant questions which fellow students could possibly receive during their exams. The availability of flashcards enhances the appeal of your study guides & notes to potential buyers.

Bundle your study materials

Students and professionals are looking for complete study packages containing: your summary, perhaps some lecture notes or a set of flashcards which refer to all the important terms. The best sellers on Passing Grades put packages of study materials together, and sell these as bundles. You can do this by combining documents and flashcards in a separate bundle for one fixed fee.

Experiment with the price

Your study guides are often worth more than you think. Where a lot of sellers are quite modest with their pricing of around three dollars, our statistics show that buyers are often willing to pay more. By experimenting with the price, you can reach the optimal point between achieving a lot of sales and a higher profit per document. Price changes will be handled automatically and can be reverted in a fraction of a second.

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