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How do I Price my documents? 

During the upload process you have to add a price to your document. Experiment with the price of your documents, this will help you find out how many people are willing to pay for your documents. Think carefully about the price you give to your document, check the number of pages and see which material you cover in the document. 

By experimenting with the price, you can reach the optimal point between achieving a lot of sales and a higher profit per document. Price changes will be handled automatically and can be reverted in a fraction of a second.

What are the most sold documents on Passing Grades? 

There is a wide range of documents that are frequently bought on  

However, the most sold documents according to statistics are; 





Test Banks 



The minimum amount of money a vendor can withdraw from passing grades is $50. Payment to vendors is done through PayPal or direct bank transfer 

Reasons for uploading your documents 

There is a possibility you have probably put blood, sweat and tears in writing your document and now you can earn a little extra money from it. When you share your work, you help someone else to prepare for an exam. A win-win situation. If you receive positive reviews for your document, because it is of good quality, you can earn even more money with them here at Passing Grades.