Test Bank for Nursing Delegation and Management of Patient Care 2nd Edition Motacki Test Bank for Nursing Delegation and Management of Patient Care, 2nd Edition, by Motacki, ISBN-10: 0323321097, IS BN-13: 9780323321099 Table of Contents Section 1: TRANSFORMATIONAL LEADERSHIP 1. Leadership and Management 2. Organizational Structure of Health Care 3. Strategic Management and Planning 4. Financial Management in Health Care 5. Health Care Regulatory and Certifying Agencies Section 2: STRUCTURAL EMPOWERMENT 6. Organizational Decision Making and Shared Governance 7. Professional Decision Making and Advocacy 8. Communication in the Work Environment 9. Personnel Policies and Programs in the Workplace Section 3: EXEMPLARY PROFESSIONAL PRACTICE 10. Professional Development 11. Professional Practice and Care Delivery Models and Emerging Practice Models 12. Staffing and Scheduling 13. Delegation of Nursing Tasks 14. Providing Competent Staff 15. Group Management for Effective Outcomes 16. Hospital Information Systems 17. Organizational Structure of Health Care Section 4: NEW KNOWLEDGE, INNOVATIONS, AND IMPROVEMENTS 18. Improving Organizational Performance 19. Evidence-Based Practice 20. Monitoring Outcomes and the Use of Data for Improvement Section 5: CONGRATULATIONS 21. The Immediate Future: Job Interviewing, NCLEX, and Continuing Education

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