21. A 12-year-old client is admitted to the hospital. The physician ordered Dilantin to the client. In administering IV phenytoin (Dilantin) to a child, the nurse would be most correct in mixing it with: o A. Normal Saline o B. Heparinized normal saline o C. 5% dextrose in water o D. Lactated Ringer’s solution  22. The nurse is caring to a client who is hypotensive. Following a large hematemesis, how should the nurse position the client? Discuss o A. Feet and legs elevated 20 degrees, trunk horizontal, head on small pillow o B. Low Fowler’s with knees gatched at 30 degrees o C. Supine with the head turned to the left o D. Bed sloped at a 45 degree angle with the head lowest and the legs highest

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