 1. The registered nurse is planning to delegate tasks to unlicensed assistive personnel (UAP). Which of the following task could the registered nurse safely assigned to a UAP? Discuss o A. Monitor the I&O of a comatose toddler client with salicylate poisoning o B. Perform a complete bed bath on a 2-year-old with multiple injuries from a serious fall o C. Check the IV of a preschooler with Kawasaki disease o D. Give an outmeal bath to an infant with eczema  2. A nurse manager assigned a registered nurse from telemetry unit to the pediatrics unit. There were three patients assigned to the RN. Which of the following patients should not be assigned to the floated nurse? Discuss o A. A 9-year-old child diagnosed with rheumatic fever o B. A young infant after pyloromyotomy o C. A 4-year-old with VSD following cardiac catheterization o D. A 5-month-old with Kawasaki disease

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