HOSA BOWL Test, Answered 2022/ 12. What population comprises the Alumni Division of HOSA?: Persons who have been enrolled in the health occupations program. 13. What caused bubonic plague?: Fleas that were on rats. 14. Who gave the first small pox vaccination?: Edward Jenner 15. Who makes up the executive council?: All officers of National HOSA and the National Office Advisor 16. What portion of vote must an honorary member have to be conferred for life?: 3/4 17. Who invented penicillin?: Alexander Fleming 18. How many times a year does the executive council meet?: At least 2 times per year. 19. When are HOSA affiliation fees due for students who enroll after January 1?: March 1st 20. Who introduced ether to make patients comfortable?: William T.G. Morton 21. Who disproved Galen?: Vesalius

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