Terms in this set (80) Abstain To voluntary refrain from something. Ex: The dental hygienist instructed the patient to abstain from smoking to improve his breath odor. Acute Sudden, intense. Ex: The nurse administered the prescribed pain medication to the patient who was experiencing acute pain after surgery. Adhere To hold fast or stick together. Ex: The tape must adhere to the patient's skin to hold the bandage in place. Adverse Undesired, possibly harmful. Ex: Vomiting is an adverse effect of many medications. Aegis Control, protection. Ex: Unit staffing decisions are under the aegis of the nurse manager. Ambivalent Uncertain, having contradictory feelings. Ex: After learning that she had breast cancer, the patient was ambivalent about having a mastectomy. Assent To give consent; to agree. Ex: The patient was asked to assent to the surgery by signing the informed consent document. Audible Able to be heard. Ex: The respiratory therapist noted the patient's audible wheezing as a symptom of the patient's asthma. Bacteria Single-celled, microscopic organisms. Ex: The physician ordered a laboratory test to confirm that the patient's illness was caused by bacteria rather than a virus. Bilateral Present on two sides. Ex: The unlicensed assistive personnel reported to the nurse that the patient had bilateral weakness in the legs when walking. Cavity An opening or an empty area. Ex: The nurse inspected the patient's oral cavity for lesions. Cease Come to an end. Ex: Because the patient's breathing had ceased, the paramedic began resuscitation measures. Compensatory Offsetting or making up for something. Ex: When the patient's blood pressure decreased, the paramedic noted that the heart rate increased, which the paramedic recognized as a compensatory action.

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