GOVT 404 Final Exam Attempt Score 154 out of 220 points(spring 2020 real exam)/ Mandie interviews Carlton for a new job at Mandie’s company. At the end of the interview, Mandie offers to hire Carlton on a two-year contract with a salary of $42,000, plus health insurance. Carlton asks if he can “sleep on it” and let Mandie know his answer the next day. Mandie agrees. That night, Mandie texts Carlton the message: “I just found someone else for the position, but thanks for interviewing and best of luck.” Choose the best answer: Selected Answer: Carlton cannot accept the offer because it was revoked.  Question 3 5 out of 5 points GC Company is a building contractor, performing work for the Owner of a construction project. The contract between GC Company and Owner provides that there will be six phases of work. Further it provides that at the end of each phase of work, GC Company should submit its request for payment to Owner’s architect. Once the architect approves the work performed, GC Company is entitled to payment of 1/6 of the total contract price. GC Company performs work on phases 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5, and the Owner pays for the work despite the fact that GC Company never submitted its requests for payment to the architect and never got the architect’s approval of the work. When GC Company submits its request for the sixth and final payment, the Owner refuses to pay it on the grounds that GC Company has never submitted it, or any other request for payment, to the architect. What is GC Company’s most likely argument that it is entitled to payment? Selected Answer: Owner has waived the right to insist on strict compliance with the condition that was included in the contract.  Question 4 5 out of 5 points Drain Clean Solution, Inc. (DCS) cleans industrial drainage systems. DCS contracts with Big Motor Co. (BMC) to clean the water drainage systems around its large manufacturing facility. DCS agrees to charge $15,000 for its services. It costs DCS $12,000 to perform the work. The fair market value of the work to BMC is $13,000. After the work is performed, BMC does not pay DCS. Choose the best answer: Selected Answer: If DCS is awarded $12,000, that amount represents DCS’s reliance interest.  Question 5 5 out of 5 points Apples Co. sells apples. Apples are readily available in the marketplace. Beta Co. operates a large retail fruit market. Apples contracts to sell 30 bushels of apples to Beta Co. and deliver them on November 20. On November 1, Apples Co. tells Beta Co. that it will not deliver any apples to Beta Co. Choose the best answer: Selected Answer: If Beta Co. buys apples from another seller at a price that is $300 more than the contract price between Apples Co. and Beta Co., Beta Co. will recover $300 from Apples Co.  Question 6 5 out of 5 points Allen is hiring a computer database designer to help his law firm design a custom client

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