Emergency Medicine RED CROSS LIFEGUARDING ONLINE ANSWERS_ Updated Summer 2022/ 1. To ensure high-quality CPR and high-quality chest compressions, you should: Expose the victim's chest to ensure proper hand placement and full chest recoil. 2. Which of the following would you identify as the universal sign that a conscious person is choking?: Clutching the throat 3. All of the following are components of scene size-up EXCEPT:: Checking for responsiveness. 4. Your initial impression reveals severe life-threatening bleeding in an adult victim who appears to be unresponsive. Your next step should be:: Control the bleeding with any available resources. 5. Which of the following is most essential to use when giving ventilations to protect you and the victim from disease transmission?: Resuscitation masks 6. You and another lifeguard are preparing for CPR on an adult who collapsed in the locker room. You determine that there is

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