Digoxin NCLEX Questions And Answers (Lanoxin) EXAM PACK

1. Digoxin is part of what family of drugs?

A.     Angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitors

B.     Beta-blockers

C.     Angiotensin II receptor blockers

D.     Cardiac glycosides

The answer is D: cardiac glycosides

2. Digoxin helps the heart pump more efficiently by altering the inotropic, chronotropic, and dromotropic actions of the heart. Select all the options below that accurately describe these actions created by Digoxin:

a.      Positive Chronotropic

b.      Positive Inotropic

c.      Negative Inotropic

d.      Negative Dromotropic

e.      Negative Chrontropic

f.       Positive Dromotropic

The answers are: B, D, and E. Digoxin creates a positive inotropic, negative chronotropic, and negative dromotropic action on the heart. This helps the heart’s contraction to be stronger while it pumps at a slower rate. Therefore, the heart will empty more efficiently (less back flow of blood) and this will increase stroke volume, which will increase cardiac output.

3. A patient is taking Digoxin. What medication on the patient’s medication list increases the patient’s risk of experiencing Digoxin toxicity?

A.     Furosemide

B.     Metformin

C.     Nitroglycerin

D.     Coumadin

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