(Case study) PRIORITY Patient Activity Part 1,2 and 3 Herbie Saunders, 62 years old David Mueller, 71 years old Gladys Parker, 92 years old

Part I-Patient Care Scenarios 

 You are the RN on a busy medical-surgical/telemetry floor at Anytown General Hospital. Each nurse on your unit typically cares for 3-5 patients.

You have just arrived for your day shift and are receiving nurse-to-nurse reports from three different night shift nurses. After you receive reports, you will have an opportunity to review the current orders for each of your patients. 

“Herbie Saunders is a 62-year-old male who came in last

night for a CHF exacerbation. His doctor is Dr. Davis and

he’s a full code. He’s alert and oriented and can make his

needs known. He’s on tele, normal sinus rhythm with

occasional PVCs. His pressures are fine, heart rate is in

the 70s. Lungs are clear in the uppers with crackles in the


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