CLG 001 DoD Governmentwide Commercial Purchase Card Overview Exam 100% 1. The Government Commercial Purchase Card _________ used as the method of payment for commercial training request using the SF -182, valued at or below $25,000, in lieu of an employee reimbursement by miscellaneous payment.  Must not be  Must be  Is occasionally  None of these 2. Who is the individual for ensuring the existence, accuracy, and legality of information on an Managing Account Billing Statement.  Certifying Officer  Agency/Organization Program Coordinator  Resource Manager  Approving/Billing Official 3. You use your Governmentwide Commercial Purchase Card to purchase a case of envelopes from a merchant. When you get back to the office, you realize that the envelope size will not meet the requirement, so you return the item to the merchant. Which of the following are you authorized to accept?  Vouchers  Credit to your Cardholder account  In-store credit  Gift cards 4. Suspected ethics violations should be reported to:  The Supervisor  No one, since there is no requirement to report ethics violations  The card-issuing bank  The violating individual 5. A best practice calls for the Cardholder to reconcile transactions in the Statement of Account within how many days of the billing cycle end date?  30  10  15  3 6. What is the artificial intelligence Data Mining platform that automatically analyzes DoD's Governmentwide Commercial Purchase Card data to identify high-risk transactions?  Insight on Demand (IOD)  Procurement Business Intelligence Service (PBIS)  Joint Appointment Module (JAM)  Access Online 7. The Secretary of Defense authorizes an increase in the micro-purchase threshold to $20,000 to support declared contingency operations in Afghanistan. Several personnel in your office have been needing new laptops, so this is a good time to take advantage of the increase and purchase 20 laptops at $500 each for a total price of $10,000.  True

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