CONFLICT RESOLUTION UNIT 2- CHALLENGE 2 Roommates Sarah and Tricia had been friends for years. When Tricia started dating Benji two months ago, Sarah told her, "Maybe he's gone straight, but for a s long as I've known him, when things get tough financially, he looks for a fast buck. He's a really nice guy, but Benji is a thief at heart." Because of his relationship with Tricia, Benji often spent time at the women's apartment. One morning, Sarah awoke to find her wallet, which she usually kept on a table by the door, missing. She woke up Tricia and said, “I told you! Benji was here last night, and now my wallet is gone!” Tricia replied, “Well, maybe you left it in your coat. You do that sometimes.” “I’ll look," Sarah said, "but I bet I won’t find it.” Tricia couldn't believe it. Without even trying to look for her wallet, Sarah thought that Benji had stolen it. A belief can be defined as which of the following?  An expectation based on stereotypes  A person's internal sense of what is true or right in any given situation  A way of regarding, understanding, or interpreting something  A blend of views that becomes a model for an aspect of a person's world Sarah canceled her credit cards and told her roommate, Tricia, that she intended to confront Tricia's boyfriend, Benji, about her missing wallet. Sarah was especially upset over the $150 in cash that was in it. "Please don't accuse him of stealing your wallet," Tricia said. "I know you don't trust him because of his past, but I hope you trust me. I really believe he's changed. Besides, if you ask him and he's guilty, it's not like he's going to confess. He's coming over tonight. Don't say anything about your wallet. I'll leave some of my own money out. If it's missing after he leaves, you're right, and I'll break up with him. If it's not gone, you'll give him another chance." But Sarah was reluctant. "What if he leaves your money, but takes something of mine?" “Then you’re still right, and I’ll pay for what he took," Tricia countered. "And no matter what, if you give him a chance, I’ll buy you dinner. Deal?” Sarah replied, “What if it’s something I can’t replace? Or worse, what if he takes a key and cleans us out when we’re not home?” Sarah hopes that she will be proven right and that she will get her wallet back, but she is unsure about this plan. She can't decide if it will work out for her or not.

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