Tom and Bill have been fighting a lot over a project that their department has been working on. At the company Christmas party, Tom spent some time chatting with another coworker named Mary. He told her that Bill has been impossible to work with, mostly because he is just a lazy and unmotivated person who only got the job because his father-in-law is a big client. Tom suggested to Mary that she should apply for a transfer into his department, so that he would have someone he trusted and knew would do a great job working with him. Meanwhile, on the other side of the room, Bill was talking to Jared, a coworker within their department. Bill was explaining that Tom is the reason the project is going so poorly, as he is so competitive and arrogant that he bulldozes everyone into agreeing with his ideas even if they aren't good. Bill said that although he has tried to slow Tom down to consider their options, Tom just isn't willing to listen to anyone but himself. Bill suggested to Jared that he should ask their boss if he could join in on the project, so Bill would have someone else to work with who can slow Tom down. Which stage of conflict are Bill and Tom in?  Post-conflict  Discomfort  Pre-conflict  Tension CONCEPT Tension I need help with this question 2 Conflict is broadly broken down into which of the following three stages?  Pre-conflict, conflict, post-conflict  Pre-conflict, misunderstanding, conflict  Conflict, crisis, post-conflict  Pre-conflict, crisis, conflict CONCEPT Pre-Conflict I need help with this question 3 Franklin was involved in a long-standing conflict with his neighbors over the condition of his house, which was very run-down. Although he had the money to fix it, Franklin refused to do so. The conflict recently became very intense, and a local reporter wrote a story about it. During the interview with Franklin, the reporter asked how the conflict affected Franklin. “Well," Franklin replied, "it's hard having people not talk to me or complain about me. But at least I'm finally getting some recognition in this community. Nobody paid any attention to me before, and now I'm on the news!” In Franklin's point of view, what is the advantage of this conflict?  Being talked about by his neighbors  Acting on values  Not spending money  Being interviewed CONCEPT Advantages and Disadvantages of Conflict I need help with this question 4 Stages of conflict represent varying degrees of which of the following?  Reconciliation  Advantages  Intensity  Anger CONCEPT Incident I need help with this question 5 The collaborating conflict style places great emphasis on which of the following?  Encouraging both parties to make compromises  Preventing negative outcomes  Allowing parties to vent their feelings  Keeping discussion focused on tangible solutions

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