Which of the following is a prevention role in the Third Side approach to conflict resolution?  Healer  Witness  Provider  Equalizer CONCEPT Identifying the Third Side and Making It Relevant to Parties 2 A property line conflict between neighbors Prakhash and Elliott escalated as the years went on. The police were called frequently to deal with loud arguments and acts of vandalism between the two. Officer Graves recently referred Prakhash and Elliott to a community mediation center. Officer Graves, who had some conflict resolution training, told the center director that the conflict was at the crisis stage. Which of the following best describes why the police officer described the conflict as being at the crisis stage?  The police had been called many times.  The parties were not in contact with each other.  The dispute had gone on for a long time.  Acts of intentional harm had occurred. CONCEPT Crisis 3 Which of the following is part of the brainstorming process?  Suspending judgement until as many options as possible are generated  All of the answer choices are correct.  Creating new options based on those already proposed  Generating as many options as possible CONCEPT Generating Options 4 Daniel spent a great deal of time out of the office researching a very difficult project for work. Stopping by his desk, he found a picture of himself with the caption, "Missing." He stormed into his boss's office and complained of harassment. "The picture was my idea," his boss told him. "I thought you might be stressed from the project, and I wanted to give you a laugh." "I'm sorry I overreacted," Daniel said. "I feel like some people here don't realize that I'm working hard on research when I'm out of the office. I thought I was being criticized." Which of the following best describes, in the context of communication, the effect of Daniel’s internal filter in this situation?  The information was not encoded.  The message was misunderstood.  The message was not received.  The code was not shared. CONCEPT Communication Is Constant 5 Intractable conflicts often have long resolution processes due to the slowness of __________.  decision-makers  information gathering  cultural change  resolution techniques CONCEPT Intractable Conflict 6 Which of the following describes the role of code in the communication process?  To provide more detailed context for a message  To represent a particular concept in a message  To provide a consistent set of symbols containing information  To confirm that a message was received CONCEPT Encoding Information 7 A conflict spiral refers to a pattern of escalation in which __________.  consequences at one stage of the conflict become causes at the next stage  events begin to spiral out of control  parties' perceptions about the cause of the conflict begin to change  parties harden their positions

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