Antidotes for Medications NCLEX Quiz Questions (NCLEX EXAM 2022)

1. A patient is experiencing Digoxin Toxicity. What is the antidote for this medication?

A. Naloxone

B. Digibind

C. Acetylcysteine

D. Protamine Sulfate

Answer…B. Digibind

2. Protamine Sulfate is an antidote for what medication below?

A. Tricyclic antidepressants

B. Warfarin

C. Beta Blockers

D. Heparin

Answer…D. Heparin

3. A patient is admitted to the hospital with Diazepam overdose. What is an antidote for this medication?

A. Flumazenil

B. Naloxone

C. Fomepizole

D. Deferoxamine

Answer…A. Flumazenil

4. Vitamin K can be used to treat toxicity of what medication below?

A. Anticholinergic medications

B. Magnesium Sulfate

C. Warfarin

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