2022 NUR 634 Final Exam (Test Preparation) GCU NUR-634 Final Test Prep NUR-634 Final Exam (Test Preparation) Advanced Health Assessment And Diagnostic Reasoning With Skills Lab (ALREADY GRADED A)///////// NUR-634 Final Exam Test Prep  You are examining an elderly man and notice the following: Decreased vibration sense in the feet and ankles, diminished gag reflex, right patellar reflex less than the left, and diminished abdominal reflexes. Which of these is abnormal?  Decreased vibration sense  Diminished gag reflex  Diminished right patellar reflex compared to the left  Diminished abdominal reflexes  Question Points: 1.0 / 1.0  A 68-year-old retired farmer presents to your office for evaluation of a skin lesion. On the right temporal area of the forehead, you see a flattened papule the same color as his skin, covered by a dry scale that is round and feels hard. He has several more of these scattered on the forehead, arms, and legs. Based on this description, what is your most likely diagnosis?  Actinic keratosis  Seborrheic keratosis  Basal cell carcinoma  Squamous cell carcinoma  Question Points: 1.0 / 1.0  A 14-year-old junior high school student is brought in by his mother and father because he seems to be developing breasts. The mother is upset because she read on the Internet that smoking marijuana leads to breast enlargement in males. The young man adamantly denies using any tobacco, alcohol, or drugs. He has recently noticed changes in his penis, testicles, and pubic hair pattern. Otherwise, his past medical history is unremarkable. His parents are both in good health. He has two older brothers who never had this problem. On examination, you see a mildly overweight teenager with enlarged breast tissue that is slightly tender on both sides. Otherwise his examination is normal. He is agreeable to taking a drug test. What is the most likely cause of his gynecomastia?  Breast cancer  Imbalance of hormones of puberty  Drug use

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